Friday, December 30, 2011

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I am so impressed with new new Phone Radiation Harmonizer! My iPhone no longer gets really hot when I use it nor does the heat go into my head! I am truly impressed with the results as I am quite skeptical about most things, but I am so glad I tried this. I haven't had a migraine since I purchased the Phone Radiation Harmonizer, and know my children are protected too.

Ree Hickey, Murchison, Australia

Orgone Products Review

Orgone Energy Australia excel in excellence in prompt service! Their Orgone products second to none and "do what they say they will do". Orders are always honoured and arrive quickly.

My first product order placed several years ago was the Ultimate Zapper, to deal with detoxing the organs and dealing with 'flukes' in the Liver - the results were incredible, feeling so much better even after a couple of days.

The second was the Orgone Geocleanse, which was a huge surprise. The room it was plugged into the wall from was dank from water flooding the carpet from the washing machine. We got the carpet cleaned, used air fresheners, but to no avail. As soon as the Orgone Geocleanse was plugged in, in about 20 minutes, the dank smell disappeared and the room felt fresh and like the room had been filled with clean crisp fresh cool air.

I work in IT - surrounded by computers. The Shop was linked up via the Orgone Geocleanse in my house to benefit from preventing radiation effects. I don't feel so drained and tired after working a shift there.

The Mobile Phone WiFi Radiation Harmonizer has just arrived. A friend of mine just had a brain tumour the size of a golf ball removed from her brain. Doctors don't know how it was caused? She is a heavy Mobile Phone user - I ordered two Mobile Phone Radiation Harmonizers, one of them for her. Her scare prompted me to play it safe and get the Mobile Phone Harmonizes to place on our mobile phones.

All in all - fantastic products 100% rating in quality and great service!

PipG Queensland Australia 05 Oct 2015

Geoclense Review

I was really excited when I received my Geocleanse Home Harmoniser, I noticed a huge difference since using this product. Since plugging this into my home power socket I no longer suffer from tiredness and restless sleepless nights I use to have.

I also highly recommend everyone getting the mobile phone harmoniser for their mobile phones! Before discovering Orgone Energy Australia I used to suffer with bad headaches, unbearable heat radiation into my ear and head with the effects lasting for hours from daily use of my mobile. Since using this amazing compact phone patch I can now literally talk for hours with NO side effects!!! Incrediable!

Karen is an amazing lady we are really blessed to have someone within our community that is passionate about protecting our health is able to share a wealth of experience and intuitive knowledge. I feel safe knowing that using orgone products protects our bodies and our lives of our families and loved ones! Well done keep up the great work Karen!
Cheers Damian

Damian Joliffe, May 31 3014 at 10:04am near Sydney, Australia

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