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How To Dowse For Harmful Energy Affecting You

How Can I Test My Orgone Products Are Working?

The Orgonium Orgone Energy products are actually Medically tested through Kinesiology (Biofeedback), Chinese Medicine Pulse Points and Medical Biofeedback machines which many doctors and naturopaths may have.

If you wish to test them for yourself, then the easier and most accurate way of doing this is with Divining or Dowsing, with a Pendulum or with a Heart Rate Monitor.  You can do this simply taking your Resting pulse reading before you get your Orgone Products, and then after you placed them, and you will notice the difference between tests.

How To Dowse To See If Your Orgone Products Are Working

For a full list of the correct questions to ask whilst Dowsing, Divining or using a Pendulum to test for harmful energies around your home:

Any other questions you wish to ask along the same lines as the questions in this list.

Orgonium Orgone Products Protect You From Harmful Energy

How Do Orgone Products Work?

Note that all the forms of harmful energy around you is being harmonized and neutralized in a different way to  what you would expect -- it does not just disappear!  This is because the nice Negative Ions coming from your Orgone Products are cancelling out the nasty Positive Ions created by harmful forms of energy.

This is why the questions you are best to be asking is as above, and about have your Orgone Products stopped putting stress on your body and your organs? Or have these forms of harmful energy now stopped affecting myself and my family?

These very popular and beneficial Orgonium Orgone products have been produced with using the Orgonium innovative technology, thereby producing the vest for of Negative Ion resonance possible.

To understand the difference, please feel free to read our article at: explaining the difference between Orgonite and Orgonium.

Find out what forms of harmful energy these powerful Orgone Product protect you from each and every one of us today, simply going to:

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