Friday, May 27, 2011

How Do Orgone Energy Blankets Work?

The Rejuvative Benefits Of Orgone Energy Blankets

Orgone Enery Blankets heal your body by bringing a sense of peace and balance back to your body, mind and spirit.  This accumulation of the nice Negative Ions counter-act the unhealthy accumulation of unhealthy Positive Ions.  Negative Ions are found in nature at its purest, which is very rejuvenating as they are made from both Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonance frequencies.

When Lyme Disease, Cancer, Diabetes or Heart issues begin to take effect in your body, this is because there is an accumulation of too many unhealthy, harmful Positive Ions which may be from stress, diet, city living or too many negative emotions.  We recommend enveloping yourself in one of these very healing Orgone Energy Blankets, to bring the balance of the nice Negative Ions back to the correct ratio in your body.

Healing Negative Ions speed up your body’s healing abilities and will assist you to recover quickly. These incredibly effective Orgone Energy Blankets consist of a single layer only (no steel wool at all as that is old technology!), and are made of environmentally friendly renewable Bamboo that is very soft.

This means that they are light, durable, portable and machine washable (on a hand wash cycle). However, they do need to be hung flat on a clothesline to dry to prevent accumulation, and we do not recommend putting them in clothes dryer.

How Have These Orgone Energy Blankets Been Compared To Others?

Many Complementary Medicine practitioners have compared these impressive Orgone Energy Blankets with other expensive brands on the market.

We have had several completely independent Kinesiologist practitioners test and verify that these Orgone Energy Blankets to be superior to the more other expensive ones costing hundreds and hundreds of dollars more, and have found them to be superior in efficiently when in use, as well as in the way they balance the body.   In fact, we have many Complementary Medicine Practitioners using our Orgone Energy Blankets in their clinics and practices.

We used to make these Orgone Blankets out of wool. However, people found these to be itchy and scratchy; very heavy and hard to handle.  Not to mention, they were very expensive to ship to our customers who are mainly overseas. We also found out that many people have a wool allergy.

As we are always looking for renewable, sustainable and environmentally friendly products, we found that soft Bamboo to be much lighter and portable for people to take with them.  They have been a wonderful success.

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