Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Difference Between An Orgone Pendants And Orgonite Pendants

Orgonium Orgone Pendants

The Orgonium Orgone Pendant only ever generate nice feeling Negative Ions, which work to eliminate harmful Positive Ions.

This highly innovative Negative Ion technology will not interfere with any other energy healing, homeopathic remedies or any other energies.

These wonderful Orgonium Orgone Pendants are been proven to seal the Aura, align the Chakras, heal and detoxify the body. See more at

Orgone Pendant Testimonial

Thank you for sending my Orgone Energy Pendant so promptly.  I was amazed to experience an immediate difference to how I felt as soon as I put it on - a feeling of calm and sureness - its hard to put into words.  I am sleeping better and feel more peaceful within myself.
 I had been wearing a Tesla pendant for some time but I never experienced the tangible difference with the Tesla as I did with the Harmony Wear Pendant. I am now expecting the arrival of the Geoclense EMR harmoniser this week. I am about to order another mobile phone radiation shield and one for my computer, and I want to get a Schumann generator as well for my home. Kindest regards, Callista, Western Australia
 Sun, 27 Feb 2011 17:20:19

How Are These Orgone Pendants Different To Orgonite Pendants?

Orgonite Pendants are full with the harmful heavy metals shavings, crystals and coils. These all produce a negative energy that is harmful and interferes with the chakra systems, throwing your chakras out of balance. 

Heavy metals shavings and crystals actually accumulate negative energies in the form harmful Positive Ions and then send this energy back to you. Therefore, if you are sensitive to energy, you may feel pain and discomfort in your body if you wear one of these. Some are better than others, but even the better pendants all have one side positive and one negative side, which is not beneficial to us. 

The Orgonium Orgone Pendants do not contain these ingredients. Their unique technology encompasses double sided positive energy qualities.  This means there is no negative side to watch out for, or to turn your Thymus Gland off.

Why are Orgonium Orgone Pendants Different Compared to Orgonite?

These Orgonium Orgone Pendants increase the size and vibration of your aura whist sealing it, as well as harmonizing and neutralizing all of the low vibrational frequencies around you.  These include Earth Magnetic grid lines, radio frequencies (RF), electromagnetic radiation (EMR), very low electromagnetic frequencies (VLF), smart phone and iPhone radiation, wireless radiation (WiF), turning all of these into higher vibrational Negative Ion Resonance.

These Orgone Energy Pendants are solid state Negative Ion resonance generators, whereas Orgonite pendants and other Orgonite products are solid state Positive Ion generators (negative energy).

Orgonium Orgone Pendants will harmonize the space around you in a 10 metre diameter sphere, made with leading edge Stand Alone technology called SANIT. This is completely unique, and is the only such Negative Ion technology in the world.

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