Friday, November 19, 2010

Orgone Energy Quan Yin Schumann Generators

Orgone Quan Yin Schumann Generators are figurines designed for use in Feng Shui placement, which are ideal for neutralizing Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) and Radio Frequencies (RF), as well as harmonizing the Geopathic grid lines, free you from deadly Geopathic Stress frequencies.

Place these Orgone Quan Yin Schumann Generators for the required Feng Shui aspect, or on a predetermined Geopathic grid line or acupressure point.  They can also be placed on a coffee table or office desk to raise the etheric state of any room; on a fridge or near your TV or PC to harmonize the EMR and RF frequencies throughout you entire house or work environment.

Each piece contains highly energetic materials to broadcast an energized Negative Ion life giving field of around 10 metres in radius.

These Orgone Quan Yin Schumann Generators are infused with the both Orgone Energy and Schumann frequencies which are in harmony with your body's chakra system.

Bring peace, tranqulility, harmony and healing into your home, workplace, office or garden today with one of these life-force energy enhancing Orgone Quan Yin Schumann Generators

The Team
Orgone Energy Australia