Friday, November 26, 2010

My Teenagers Spend Too Much Time On iPhones and iPads

How Can I Protect My Teenagers From Radiation and EMF?

We get so many enquiries from parents who are concerned about their teenagers spending a lot of time using their iPhone or on WiFi internet for long periods of time. Here are some simple and cost effective solutions.

Orgone Pendants Can Provide Radiation Protection

Our first suggestion would be to have your teenager an Orgone Energy Protecton Pendant, which will provide them with protection where ever they go. Especially when they are using there iPhones at school or in public places where there are many phone signals all over the place, and when they are in WiFi Internet Cafes which have beams going in all directions. Choose any from our entire range which you will find at

Phone Wifi Radiation Shields Provide EMF Protection

The second solution would be a Phone WiFi Radiation Shield which is comes in two options. One being an adhesive Phone WiFi Radiation Shield and can be placed on the actual iPhone; and the other option is a non-adhesive Cell  Wifi Phone Radiation Shield that can be place inside the battery compartment of the phone, or between the device and it's protective cover.

With your teenagers constantly using Wireless Technology or their iPhone, this could be contributing health issues, therefore placing a Phone WiFi Radiation Shield on their iPhone, will give them 100% protection from the noxious radiation their iPhone emit, as well as protect them from the hazardous Digital radiation coming off their screens.

All of these Phone WiFi Radiation Shields act as personal space protectors, providing 10 metres of protection from all forms of harmful energy around you, therefore when your teenagers has their iPhone with them, which contains a Phone WiFi Radiation Shield, they are constantly being protected.

Radiation and EMF Protection For Your Entire Home

You may not be aware that Wireless Internet Modem (WiFi) or a Digital Television in your home is now proving to be harmful to all occupants and this may contribution to health issues.

If this is the case, the third option is to protect your entire home and your family with Geoclense EMR Harmonizer plugged in the harmonize and neutralize all harmful energy in and around your entire home and property.

Simply plug your Geoclense EMR Harmonizer into a live electrical socket and leave it on.  It will always work to protect your entire family. You can take it with you when you go on holiday, for total protection wherever you are, as it is fully portable.

We now offer Second Address Programming of the Geoclense Harmonizer for Schools, Universities and Kindergartens:

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