Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Orgonium Orgone Energy Products Versus Toxic Organite

What Is The Difference Between Orgonium And Orgonite


Orgonite is a formulation comprising of the right consistency of metal shavings, usually brass or copper, polyester resin and a range of various crystals such as quarts points or sometimes quarts sand.  This combination creates an energy that pulses at varying Positive Ion frequencies.  If you place a piece of Orgonite over your heart you can feel it pulsing every 4 to 6 seconds.  Each pulse feels like a blow to your heart and the between pulses affects your Solar Plexus, creating a nauseous feeling in the abdomin.  Alternative use a Heart Rate Monitor to Pulse Testing to also verify this.

Basically the Orgonite is putting your nervous system under extreme load and draining you of energy.  Unfortunately a lot of people do not have the developed energy sensitivity to realise that this is going on.  They feel an energy that they might think as being slightly pleasant, however it is doing harm to their bodies that they do not realise.  This is very dangerous to our well-being and may do damage to our nervous systems, along with organs such as the heart and the lungs.

Orgonite displays energy very similar to what can be felt from a source of electromagnetic radiation, such as a fluorescent lights, at around 50 milligaus.  The fluorescent light is a Group 2 Carcinogen, which is a source of Electromagnetic Radiation greater than 4 milligaus, statistically known to cause childhood Leukemia and / or Cancer in adults, as determined by the International Cancer Research Institute.

A practical demonstration of this is to place a compact fluorescent light globe in a lamp on the ground lit up.  This lowers the already noxious earth magnetic grid lines energies, which can be felt for a radius of around 20 feet, which put immense stress on the Nervous System of anyone within the noxious field take effect.  Take the lamp away then place the Orgonite in the same position, and it produces exactly the same effect on the Nervous System as a noxious compact fluorescent light globe in the lamp.


Orgonium is a Resonance device, which has been developed to vibrate at a high frequency and is in harmony with our Nervous System and Auric Field, in complete harmony with nature.  In fact, Orgonium mimics the natural earth resonance as felt with Ley or Synchronic Lines, often known for their balancing and relaxing energies, which relaxes the Nervous System and creates a feeling of well-being in a person.  When a piece of Orgonium is placed over the Heart the person feels slightly energised around the head and shoulders, and the Nervous System relaxes, especially if it is under stress from a nearby source of Positive Ions.

Orgonium creates a feeling of bliss, peace and well-being, balancing the brain hemispheres and brain chemistry.  When Orgonium is placed within an EMR field, especially at the source of the Electromagnetic Radiation, the noxious Positive Ion resonance from this Electromagnetic Radiation is instantly harmonised for its entire field of effect.  The stress on the Nervous System of a person placed within that EMR field is instantly relaxed once the Orgonium is in place.  The same effect can be felt on an Earth Magnetic Grid line, water vein, fault line, cell phone, wireless internet (WiFi) or microwave.

The Earth Magnetic Grid lines are the negative lines that produce Positive Ions, and Ley or Synchronic Lines are the positive lines that produce a Negative Ion resonance.  Both those resonances can easily felt in the body by an experienced Geomancer, and both can be mimicked with resonance technology.  Orgonite resonates at the Earth Magnetic Grid resonance (producing Positive Ions) where Orgonium resonates at Ley Line resonance (producing Negative Ions), is used to balance out noxious Earth Magnetic Grid lines resonance similar to the noxious Electromagnetic Radiation and Radio Frequencies.   Earth Magnetic Gridlines are at a constant direction and spacing, whereas the Ley or Synchronic Lines are random at no set spacing.

The most common type of Earth Magnetic Grid line is the Benker Grid.  This grid runs in 7metre centres, is 1100mm wide and is a standing wave of Positive Ion energy that emanates up to the Ionosphere.  This runs in the north-south / east-west direction.  The Benker grid is the main cause of Geopathic Stress, which in turn is a known cause of Cancer and other illness either physical or mental.  Orgonium differs to Organite in its formulation, Resin type and other factors.