Friday, September 10, 2010

Orgone Energy And Healing

How Does Orgone Energy Heal?

The Orgonium Orgone products are completely unique to any others on the market, as they are made with leading edge Orgonium techonology.  Orgonium Orgone Products continually generate Negative Ion resonance (the good ones) and work to eliminate or cancel out Positive Ions (the bad ones).   Negative Ions are very healing.

For a deeper explanation of the difference between all the Orgonite on the market today, and the unique Orgonium range of products and its highly innovative technology see:

Before and after exposure to Orgonium Orgone Products

How Does Orgone Work?

If the area where you are living is affected by Geopathic stress, you may have many forms of harmful energy such as 400 metre grid crossings, various spirit lines and death imprints going through your home and property, you may find you do not feel well. However, the stress from these issues is no longer present when you place Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonance products in your home and around your property, then allow energy healing to take place, and remove the stress from the physiology of your body.

Unique Orgone Products

These Orgone products are completely unique to any others on the market, as they are made with out-of-date Orgonite technology

See our independent Research Report our Orgone Research showing how these Orgone Products seal your Aura, balance your Chakras and heal your body. All of our Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonance products work this way. 

Please note that this Research report has been done by an outside company, in another country, completely independently of us.

Orgone Products

Why do some people more affected by harmful energy than others?

Some of the reason why some people have such an Energy Sensitivity and feel these forms of harmful energy more readily than others, may be because they have systemic health issues present. These include Mercury and Heavy metal toxicity, which then in turn, leads to a Candida yeast infection imbalance and requires healing. These may cloud your ability to feel energetic differences.

Candida Yeast Growing

What about Orgone Accumulators?

Some people have sat in the Orgone Accumulator at the Reich Museum in the USA. This is an extremely powerful Orgone Accumulator. Anyone is be able to feel something the amazing effects of this Orgone Accumulator when you sit in something like this. However we believe that there was a huge amount of placebo effect influencing people who sit in this Orgone accumulator, along with some belief system issues regarding these types of products that Wilheim Reich produced.

What the Orgonium Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonance products do when you place them in your home, is they are actually healing you and assisting with improving your health issues. You, in fact, may go through a period of healing, detoxing and re-calibration of your internal energies as healing takes place.

Karen Winter Dip.HSc.Kin,
Orgone Energy Australia