Friday, September 3, 2010

Orgonite Pendants For EMR Protection

Orgone Pendants Resonate Healthful Negative Orgone Ions 

These unique, high efficacy Orgone Pendants work to eliminate Positive Ions (the bad ones), and they do not interfere with any other technology you are using, homeopathic remedies, flower essences or any other subtle energies. These Orgone Energy Pendants have been shown to actually seal the Aura, balance the Chakras and heal and detoxify the body as per the images above and below.

Orgonite pendants, on the other had, are filled with the harmful metals, crystals and coils that all produce a negative energy that is harmful and interferes with your chakra system, actually throwing your chakras out of balance. These metals and crystals actually accumulate negative energies in the form of harmful Positive Ions.

If you are sensitive to energy, you can feel great pain and discomfort in your body when wearing an Orgonite Pendant. Some are better than others, however, even the better pendants seem to all have one side positive and one side negative.

What We Found Orgonite Does

As I Kinesiologist, I have spent many sessions putting clients back together who have been wearing an Orgonite Pendant, that has caused all the upper muscles in their body to over-facilitate or jammed up, and they have come to me in so much pain, not aware that the Orgonite Pendant that they thought was protecting them, was actually doing more harm. It has then taken me the entire Kinesiology session to put the person back into balance again.

Our Orgone Energy Pendants do not use any such ingredients; and they are made two positive sides of energy, made with the highly innovative, unique Orgonium technology.

Increase Your Vibrational Frequency

These Orgone Energy Pendants increase the size and vibration of the aura, which then harmonizes and neutralizes all lower vibrational energy fields such as Earth Magnetic Grid lines, Radio Frequencies, Electromagnetic Radiation and Electromagnetic Frequencies.

Orgone Energy Pendants are solid state Negative Ion generators; whereas Orgonite pendants and all other Orgonite products are solid state Positive Ion generators (the very ions we are wanting to eradicate!).

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