Thursday, January 8, 2015

Does EMF Paint Provide Protection Like Geoclense Negative Ion Generators Do?

What about EMF Paint?  Is it Effective At All?

No they are not good. The EMF Paint absorbs all the radio frequency (RF) and then amplifies the energy into the building. People selling radiation shielding paints base their results on a Gauss meter and RF meter readings, that are not on a biological level as we do.

When we assess the performance of the paints from a biological point-of-view, we find that the EMF paint creates more organ stress, or worse, provides no change to the organ stress levels.

All EMF and radiation shielding products must be measured by how much of the radiation resonant stress is placed on organs of our body that the products will prevent, not what any gadget says. For more information on how to do this test this yourself please see:

Therefore, why would you use EMF Paint that that only covers Radiation Frequency (RF), when the Geoclense Negative Generator harmonizes and neutralizes all form and sources of harmful Positive Ions as per the list here:
Using the EMF Paint is a complete and utter waste of time, energy, resources and money.  The Geoclense Orgone Generator will do way more than the EMF paint which is hardly doing anything at all.

And ONE Geoclense Orgone Generator for the entire building if it is on ONE property title or deed.

The GeoCleanse Negative Ion Generator Home EMF And Radiation Protector

So are Radiation Shielding Products safe and worth using?

Please note that you want to keep away from any product that offers Radiation Shielding.

This causes the harmful EMF, Electromagnetic Radiation and other sources of harmful energy to have to work much harder, causing them to emit even more harmful Positive Ions. 

 Harmonizing and neutralizing these is way more effective as they do not cause radiation emitting devices to work hard nor to emit more EMF and more harmful radiation.

Are Digital Smart Meters or Analogue safer or better?

Analogue is always much saver. As far as we are aware you do not have a choice in USA otherwise they take your Analogue Meters away and leave you without Electricity.

It is great to hear that there is another option to a Digital Smart Meter there in California, as we have been informed that there is not such an option. Remember it is not you reacting to the smart meters, but the bacterial, viral, Lyme Disease, Candida and other infections in your body are affecting you and causing your reaction, and people do not have the reactions that you do if they are healthy.

All smart meters would be better off being completely enclosed in a metal box similar to a "Faraday Cage”. Especially for people with Systemic Health issues such as Lyme Disease. We know that this is why many react to smart meters.

We live out in the forest on 40 acres, where we are not connected to the Electricity Grid and have Solar Electricity out there, and there hardly any Cell Phone nor WiFi signals there, as we know this is a much safer environment to live in.

And yes, we still have a Geoclense Negative Ion Generator there as well as other Orgone Schumann Generators, as there is hardly any place on the planet now that is safe from phone signals or other forms of harmful energy.

Karen Winter, Dip.HSc.Kin,
Orgone Energy Healing