Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Your Orgone Products Will Always Continue To Work

If there is excessive Geopathic stress, underground water veins, digital television radiation from neighbours televisions, curses etc around my property, what does that mean as far as my Orgone Energy products I have?  Will they not work, or not as efficiently?

If you have many neighbours with digital televisions, these put out a harmful energy beam directly in front of them, which can affect many homes.  You may have several of them directing this harmful energy all through your home.

Your Orgone Products are totally protecting you from the effects of all these harmful energies, by reducing the stress from your body, your nervous system and your organs, providing you with complete and total protection.

We have cleared the Curse therefore you are no longer being impacted by this, when we did the Google Earth Remote reading for you.  

Your Orgone Products WILL ALWAYS work efficiently for your entire life, and that of your entire next generation and beyond.

I really do appreciate all your suggestions but it is really hard for me to get my head around "curses" on the land having any effect and obviously even though you removed them it made no difference.

Curses are often placed on land during times of war or when someone wanted to get revenge at someone, for example.  Some curses have been there for centuries.  

All someone has to do is say "I Curse..."  and that is enough to curse anything or anyone, including buildings and land! 

Oh yes, clearing this curse this really does made a big difference, and most of our customers feel this difference right away, if not within a few days.
Karen Winter, Dip.HSc.Kin, KNA, AKA, NAET Adv.II Kinesiologist
Orgone Energy Australia