Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Health Benefits Of Eating Progurt Probiotics

Why Does Progurt Probiotics Contain Yeast When It Helps With Candida?

The “yeast extract” mentioned in the ingredients is once again an “extract or derivative” from yeast, which is from a beneficial one for feeding only the good flora in the digestive tract.

Robert Beson, the person who has spent 24 years researching the human gut before developing these incredible Progurt products. He states that it does not contain any yeast at all, and that the yeast they use for their extraction is from beneficial yeast.

For more information about this incredible gut flora, please go to:

Progurt Probiotics Are The Best Flora For The Human Gut

Does The Progurt Prebiotic Contain Fructose If I Cannot Eat This Due To Having Candida?

The ingredients in the Prebiotic Multi Glucidic Syrup contains absolutely no fructose whatsoever, and is complete safe to each if you have a Candida infection, as it only feeds the good gut flora and not the Candida.

The Multi Glucidic Syrup is once again made from “extracts or derivatives” of the ingredients stated, which are totally safe and will not feed the bacteria causing Candida overgrowth, and ONLY feed the good gut flora and the Probiotics, making them much more effective.

Progurt Is Made Like Yoghurt And Eaten As Food

Is There Another Way To Make Progurt If I Can't Afford A Progurt Incubator?

Yes, you can make your Progurt Probiotic in an EasiYo yoghurt maker to save yourself the expense of purchasing the expense of shipping this overseas. However, the Progurt Incubator is the absolute simplest and easiest way to make your Progurt.  See: Progurt Incubator Yoghurt Maker

You can get an EasiYo yoghurt maker from your local supermarket, a general merchandise store or online, if you do not have one already.

Karen Winter Dip.HSc.Kin.