Monday, October 13, 2014

Crystals Versus The Geoclense Negative Ion Generator For Home Protection

I wish to order another Geoclense and would like to have additional addresses programmed into it.  Can I do this?

Are you aware that this service is now only available for Schools, Kindergartens and Universities, as our Product Manufacturer changed this specification last month, as you will see at:

Are the properties you wish to have programmed into your Geoclense Orgone Generators schools, kindergartens or universities?

The house has 78 Hematite nuggets, buried at the corners of the house and close by, this was before we knew about Geoclense.  Is this safe?

Crystals cause an incredible amount of accumulation of Positive Ions (harmful, negative energy) which is why they require daily cleaning.  

Therefore you would require a Geoclense Negative Ion Generator at this property, which will also harmonize and neutralize the harmful accumulation that these crystals would be creating.  The Geoclense Orgone Generator would clean them. 

Is it okay to leave the Hematite nuggets in the ground for home protection, or would they cause interference?  

The choice is entirely yours.  These high efficacy Orgone Products do not interfere with any other energy healing, crystals or other energy devices, and provide much greater home protection.  

In fact, the powerful and extremely effective Geoclense Orgone Generator would harmonize and neutralize the accumulation of the harmful energies that these crystals would be creating as mentioned above.

Would all those hematite nuggets, plus a Geoclense, be “too much of a good thing” causing potential problems?  

Not at all.  Please refer to the above regarding requiring the Geoclense Orgone Generator to harmonize and neutralize the harmful accumulation the crystals are creating. 

Do the hematite nuggets make it unnecessary to even have a Geoclense, in order to clear EMF inside of the house?

No.  You will still require the Geoclense Orgone Generator, as there is no way that Hematite will harmonize and neutralize all these forms of harmful energy that the Geoclense Orgone Generator does.  

Crystals cannot provide protection from all these forms of harmful energy.

Healing Benefits Of Geoclense Negative Ion Generators

I wonder if this house is already covered by the Geoclense I got for the home adjacent to it.  These two adjacent homes were originally all one property. They still share a driveway and mailbox by the road.  

Yes, if the property is all on one Property Title or Deed.  However, if they have been changed to two separate Property Titles or Deeds, then the answer is no.

The Geoclense Orgone Generator covers your entire property to the boundary fences of your Property Title or Deed.  Therefore, if these properties are on two separate Property Titles or Deeds, then you will require a Geoclense Orgone Generator for each property.

Karen Winter, Dip.HSc.Kin.
Orgone Energy Healing