Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Effectiveness Of Orgonium Orgone Energy Products Versus Orgonite

My Car EMF Orgone Generator has produced noticeable reults. The public who travel in my Taxi are calm, happy and positive, and people now leave me extra on top of the fare, however I think I am using more fuel - would this be so?

We checked this with our Product Manufacturer and he has stated that it would not be possible for you to use more fuel when you have a Car EMF Orgone Generator installed, as it is reducing the resistance in the fuel lines of your vehicle therefore it will reduce your fuel consumption the same way as it reduces ours.

Orgonium Orgone Products need demonstrating that they really work. As Orgonium Orgone products are priced higher than Orgonite, which is widely available, therefore why is your technology superior, safer and why does it achieve better results?

In fact, these highly protective Orgone Products are the most cost effective on the market, due to being 3000% more efficient than anything else available, as they provide you with total protection from all forms of harmful energy and do an incredible amount of energy healing.

The nearest competitive product to our Geoclense Orgone Generator is USD700, and it only protects you from two forms of harmful energy (EMF and EMR) compared of what the Geoclense Orgone Generator does which is priced at AUD$152.00 or USD$168.00.

I do appreciate your work and chose to purchase your Orgonium Orgone products over Orgonite. It is just I will only accept something if it can be backed by solid research if you have it please?

All of these highly protective Orgone Products are "medically tested" as they cannot be scientifically tested as there is no technology available nor any testing equipment in laboratories that would effectively measure the resonance or energy that comes from Orgone Products.

Our Orgonium Orgone Energy Independent Research Reports are available at your request by contacting us on our Contact Us page. To see some of our medical research please go to:

Karen Winter Dip.HSc.Kin.
Orgone Energy Australia