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The Effects Of Electromagnetic Frequencies In Buildings

Are There More Forms Of Harmful Energy Than Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF)?

You may think that EMF being emitted from your electrical wiring in your house or your electrical appliances, are the most harmful form of EMF in your home, office or place of work, closely followed by radio frequencies (RF) coming off wireless routers and Smart Meters, and that Earth radiation is the least harmful.

This is not actually the case.   Therefore, having a building inspected inside by a Geomancer or similar may not be the best solution, especially if they are only assess your building for EMF from electrical appliances and systems and not all the other harmful energies that may too be affecting that building, that Geomancers seem to miss.

In fact, they would only be assessing your building for a small fraction of the amount of hazardous forms energies that may be affecting your building.  These are not just limited to EMF and RF, as there are many more potential hazards outside any building, such as the vicinity of phone towers and other earth magnetic radiation that may be nearby.

VLF And Earth Magnetic Radiation

There are more hazardous forms harmful energies than just  EMF that may be affecting your dwelling or office.  Many of these can from the various forms of Earth magnetic grid lines and high voltage overhead power lines which create harmful very low frequency (VLF) fields, as well as emotional and death imprints, and black water.

VLF and Earth magnetic radiation, along with the new Photon Lines, have been appearing all over the planet in the past ten years. These harmful energies pose a greater threat to your health.  Have you noticed that your health is much more affected these days, or that you don't feel as energetic as you used to?

Then add the new presence of 400 metre grid crossings, and their crossing points along the way which can often be emotional imprinting.  These are causing many people a great deal of discomfort and organ stress area. These are of much greater concern than EMF coming off your electrical systems.

The best EMF and radiation protection from all of these forms of harmful energy and more?  The Geocleanse Orgone Generator of course!

The Geoclense Orgone Generator And Its Beneficial Effects To Keep You Protected

The Dangers of DECT And Cordless Phones

When you take in account what is affecting you in your home, place of work or office, please consider assessing other forms of EMF radiation including cordless phones, DECT phones, cell phones, mobile phones and wireless WiFi routers, and digital TVs  - not just the electrical system o f your building or just your Smart Meter.

Did you know that having a DECT or cordless phone base station in your home, office or place of work is much the same as having a mini Phone Tower inside?  The dangers of these are just as significant as EMF!

The best protection from small electronic devices such as laptops, phones and wireless rounters? Place a Phone WiFi Computer Radiation Protector on the Base Station and another one on the handset as we as on all your mobile phones and cellphones.

Phone WiFi Computer Radiation Protectors Are Very Versatile

Does The Geocleanse Orgone Generator Harmonize Wi-Fi Radiation?

The Geocleanse Orgone Generator absolutely harmonizes and neutralizes all harmful energies coming from wireless routers, radio frequency beams, DECT phones, HAARP and Personal Satellite beams in a given space, as well as all forms of portable phones, cordless phones, cellphones, hand phones, mobile phone radiation and imprinting when you have one plugged in and operating in any building

For a wide-ranging list of all forms of harmful energy that the Geoclense Orgone Generator provides you with protection from, please see:

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